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Custom Paper Bag Printing Singapore Supplier | Printed Gift Boxes

Custom Printing, Easy As A Breeze. World Class Standards

We have been in the food packaging industry for more than 30 years. Not only can we swiftly understand your needs, but we are also equipped with adequate experience to advise on any packaging issues. Be it paper boxes, cartons, cups, or bags, we are able to print and produce at very reasonable prices.


The MOQ (minimum order quantity) varies between 500 to 30,000 pieces depending on the product required. In general, paper boxes can be done in small quantities of 500.

Lead-time varies between 2 to 8 weeks depending on the project and quantity.

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Paper Cups Printing

Whether the cup is for hot coffee or cold beverage, we are able to produce with high quality printing. Hot paper cups comes in either ripple wrap or double-wall option. Single wall cups with both sided PE will be more suitable for cold drinks.

MOQ (per design and size) is now only

1,000 pieces.

Yes, it is the lowest possible MOQ in Singapore

for paper cups

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Paper Boxes Printing

For cakes, pastries, pizzas to tart boxes, we are able to manufacture food-safe paper boxes. In the sales consultation with us, we will carefully understand your product needs and then advise on the suitable material.

For non-food retail, we also have UV, hot stamping and water base stamping.

MOQ (per design and size) is 500 pieces.

customed made paper bag printing copy.png

Choose between our existing paper range or special fancy paper. Handles can be customed made with various materials and colors.

MOQ (per design and size) is 500 pieces.

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Takeaway Paper Boxes

Be it paper cartons, boat trays, fries cups or lunch boxes, we can do both offset and flexo printing.

MOQ (per design and size) is between 30,000 to 50,000 pieces.

star net paper sleeves printing copy.png

Paper Sleeves Printing

This is the most economical way of customisation. Simply do up a sleeve and wrap around your products without committing to high MOQ and expenses. We can manufacture sleeves for your coffee cups, rice bowls, bottles or any other packaging.

MOQ (per design and size) is 500 pieces.


Stickers And Labels Printing

Yet another economical way of building your branding, stickers can be used on almost any packaging. You can choose any size and paper finishing that suits your corporate image.

MOQ (per design and size) is 1,000 pieces.

star net custom plastic trays.jpg

Custom Plastic Tray / Containers

Whatever the size and material you need, we are able to produce with high precision. Our plants are able to produce PP, A-PET, C-PET, PVC trays and containers. 

MOQ (per design and size) is 50,000 pieces.

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Other Packaging Printing And Customisation

Our list of customised packaging boxes Singapore based products is not exhaustive. Should you have any packaging that requires printing or customisation, feel free to contact us and we will help you in every way we can.

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Custom Paper Bag Printing Singapore


As a packaging supplier, we are constantly caring for the environment, making sure that our products are sustainable and green. FSC paper and recycled plastic resin options are also available.

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