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Mooncake Box Packaging Supplier Singapore

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Mooncake Box Packaging Supplier Singapore

Mid Autumn festival is one of the most important festivals on the Chinese calendar. It occurs on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. In western terms, this date usually lies at the end of September or early October and is the day the moon is closest to the earth.

Mid Autumn festival is a legendary fairytale, modern day moon appreciation, eating mooncakes and an opportunity for children to play with candle lit lanterns.

A legendary tragic love story of one’s lover who is eternally trapped on the moon has turned moon worship into eastern version of thanks giving.

Traditional mid autumn festival candle lit lanterns are in a shape of rabbit or starfruit. These days, you will find lanterns in all shapes and sizes. Lanterns shaped as airplanes, helicopters, cartoon characters are popular. For the young ones, battery operated lanterns with tacky music are also available.

A mid autumn kid’s gift basket might include lantern, binoculars for moon viewing accompanied by an astrology set. On the eve of mid autumn festival, you will find a sea of children with candle lit lanterns at Victoria Park.

Mooncake filled with lotus seed paste and a hard egg yolk in the middle is a must try during the festival. There is an abundance of mooncakes available on the market including icy mooncake, ice cream mooncake, chocolate mooncake, as well as low fat and sugar free options. Popular mooncake brands in Singapore include Shangri-la, Kee Wah and Peninsula Hotel. In particular Peninsula Hotel’s Spring Moon limited edition mooncakes are popular with scalpers who resell them at two to three times its retail value.

In Singapore, it has become one of the most important corporate gifting seasons and has become bigger than Christmas and Chinese New Year. It is an opportunity for businesses to say thank you for their client’s business in the past year. A classic mid autumn corporate gift would include a fruit basket accompanied by a box of mooncakes. The classic fruit basket should include a variety of colourful tropical fruit including pomelo, dragon’s fruit, kiwi, mangos, pears, grapes, grapefruit, naval oranges and Fuji apples.

Mid Autumn festival is a great time to visit Singapore to experience local traditions and folklore. If you are having business dealings in Asia, you should consider sending a traditional mid autumn basket to show your appreciation. Remember gifting is an important part of business culture in Asia.

Mooncake Box Packaging Supplier Singapore

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